Because we are exclusive agents for the biggest factories German and international GOOD NEWS : As always Audnakm to provide all that is special and a new one of the best and most advanced technologies worldwide technology Is a unique feature of our company by providing each of its customers, the latest detection system and the treasures of gold and minerals accurately Ultimate unique to our company through exclusive agencies with the most important global factories , factory Lorenz German World who gave us a lot of sophisticated products Over the past years , which proved the best results in research and exploration all its contents Earth Treasures of archaeological and historical Dfaún , and after a long research and rigorous studies and experiments on all land and terrain , Declare you about the arrival of the machine and the legend of the giant factories Lorenz international German Premier Edition and last Imaging system device

The latest versions giant that will be better without a competitor in 2014 The new system is characterized by high capacity on the discovery of gold ore and minerals to smaller feature sizes with direct imaging through precise analytical program to clarify what each discovered device of metals and spaces with the advantage of determining the depth and GPS tracking system In addition to feature automatic calibration of the land to ensure the device is not affected in any interference caused by moist soil or rocks, metal or solid land

Method of operation of the device
The device works induction system frequency pulse PULS INDACTION. It features penetrate the depths of the earth to make it difficult for many devices to reach her The machine is turned on after connecting a battery Home accessories , headsets and tablets search or search Sensors deep depending on the client`s desire to search for deep or shallow depths greater Is access to the main menu after you turn the device and which is controlled by the level of sensitivity for selecting the power frequency search and the level of sound and lighting level and at the completion of installation and default settings of the device, is entering the calibration soil automatic and done with ease and generosity , and this feature is only available in this device giant The device works program pictorial accurate , the information is stored for the area that the user wants to Scouting and search out and then Reservation information and mobility by connecting the hard drive, flash memory is available with the device and the data is transferred to the laptop computer laptops, is the introduction of evidence stored in the flash memory to program graphic analytical hyperfine , and from which to determine the target type and depth , size and dimensions of the system 3D The device works to clarify the goal through a very fine graphic images help to identify all target information easily and goodwill In addition to the possibility of locating any target was discovered in the program GPS device

Find tablets available for your device
Find a disk 35 centimeters to discover sizes small to depths of up to 3 meters greater Find a disk 45 centimeters and is used to detect small sizes such as coins for 4 meters Find disc 1 × 1 meter up to a depth of 5 meters into the ground and is characterized by vulnerability sizes small values ​​of others, such as nails and metal cans that have no values Moazerokeppl electric measuring 0.67 × 0.67 - 1 × 1 - 1 × 2 and can be arranged into 3 or 4 laps to detect an area of ​​up to 16 square meters Moazerokeppl electric measuring 1 × 1 - 1.5 × 1.5 - 3 × 3 and can be arranged into 3 or 4 laps to detect an area of ​​up to 16 square meters

Accessories and Peripherals device
Arm pregnant Find all kinds of discs
Dress provider with a belt to carry the battery and the device all the goodwill and easy
GPS Locator
USB Flash Memory
Imaging software and three-dimensional analytical
Fund protective steel to save all the components of the device

Can test the device through a real field experience on several types of minerals and at different depths

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