The Device is equipped in Accessories and properties and more advanced technology, to meet the needs of researchers for gold ore, gold, minerals and spaces all over the world
His ability and high sensitivity in the detection of pieces of gold and treasures and tunnels in search fields, in addition to the technology and features that reduce the impact of soil and rocks with high efficiency, which helps to find all the gold will not be able to find it with another device in the depths of cut unmatched
Technological system of modern and distinctive, is rated device in the first centers globally of all German and international bodies for exploration and drilling, because the device is characterized by working through three integrated systems into a single system thoroughly explore 100% confirmed without any error ratio, as found in traditional devices deployed
MEGA SCAN PRO Modern Technology
The device manufacture of plastics materials and electronic panels of high quality and solid and not affected by heat or cold air
MEGA SCAN PRO Advantages
The MEGA LOCATORS German factories group famous manufactures this high-tech system and professional to be the fifth generation of distinctive versions and innovations over 30 years in the world of manufacturing detectors geological and technology deserve to be called a golden age for the manufacture of detectors for gold and minerals and treasures and exploration
Been provided with the device user guide start, to make it easier for the user to work on the machine only to choose the desired search exploration area where, and the device to determine the gold found in less than 20 seconds from start-up to begin with distances of 100 meters and Up to 2,000 meters over the front, with the work of the budget automatic feature of the Earth, with a distinctive ability to explore in all-terrain of land and rocky plains and mountainous agricultural land and mud
The most important features of MEGA system SCAN PRO ease of use, where the device is designed smoothly in the handle, with a control panel with a color screen high-LCD precision, in addition to easy control program to use for both individuals who are using the system for the first time or for engineers and specialists professionals, or experts exploration and geologists and exploration companies and exploration
This theoretical work on setting goals of smaller sizes through 3 Senssorat radar built into the device, and function of these small radars exploration goals, starting from 1 gram and from farther distances and in all solid land
With sensor system a long-term professional had to be a presence detector system to locate the target center with high accuracy and scratch to dig and reach the goal without any effort as found in other traditional services, and to reach the target with accuracy and speed be no longer than 20 seconds of work on the device , it has been added Alsenssor-mail system that works technology Almagntomitr radar flour sophisticated, provider able to penetrate the most difficult land terrain and reach goals quickly technology and superior resolution of all types of targets of gold - gold ore - Silver - Diamond - precious metals - caves and voids
Of the most important features Almagntomitr radar flour is to explore and define the goals of all sizes and from the depths of the start of meters to depths greater than 40 meters in the ground and thanks in common Alsenssorat embedded in this system that gives electric power penetrating power does not exist in any traditional system similar.
Long-range scanning mode
Comprehensive TDA advanced scanning system and a long-term exploration through high-precision electronic sensors and sophisticated sensors manufactured for the first time, in addition to supply the electronic unit in the machine with 8 filters made of pure gold to determine the gold metal from farther distances and confirmed 100% without any error occurs Output for metal or rock territory with high mineralization such as land basalt severe mineralization
These filters are working to identify the signal accuracy and filtered and confirmation on the existence of distances starting with 100 meters and up to 2,000 meters 2 kilometers front of the extent and up to depths of 30 meters in the ground with the accurate determination of the size of the target and signal strength in through a built-analytical program in the system
Search Systems
Device is equipped with 5 long-range systems research, and Almagntomitr exact radar system to detect for 30 meters in the ground
Impulsprogramm system works on a long-term five professional programs
Program to detect gold ore
Program to detect gold
Program to detect silver
Program to detect tunnels, caves and voids
Program to determine the precious metals and precious stones
LCD Screen
When the device is turned on, you will display high-resolution color screen
All options to choose the language and choose Find system
And then specify the target type to be disclosed
And distinctive control panel
And lighting can be increased according to the user`s desire
Specify the target center and determine the extent and determine the depth
Device features a system to determine the depths to search in advance with ease before working on the device, add to the selection of the target of the Front Range feature by selecting a distance Search to be detected which strictly according to the existing zone and to be explored, whether mountainous or plain or rivers or territory inside specific buildings
Front distances starting from zero to 250 Depths starting from zero to 5 meters
Front distances starting from zero to 500 Depths starting from zero to 10 meters
Front distances starting from zero to 750 Depths starting from zero to 15 meters
Front distances starting from zero to 1000 Depths starting from zero to 20 meters
Front distances starting from zero to 1250 Depths starting from zero to 25 meters
Front distances starting from zero to 1500 Depths starting from zero to 30 meters
laser System
MEGA SCAN PRO new technology from Mega Detection
Determine the laser system. In order to determine the direction of the target set by the device from distant points
Night lighting
Night lighting help lighting the search area for the night, and eliminates the need for external lighting load device
Batteries stay long
The device works on lithium batteries, you can easily shipped, and provide between 20-15 hours of use, it can request additional batteries and are provided with the machine normal charger and car charger
8 Languages
The device is used all over the world, so his 8 languages are available once you choose the language from the list, and the device starts in the language of your choice, even after stopping and restarting

Can test the device through a real field experience on several types of minerals and at different depths

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